Sonnen: "Why do people think Ngannou will beat Miocic?"

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Sonnen: "Why do people think Ngannou will beat Miocic?"

Francis Ngannou claims that he learned a lot, and thus progressed from the first match with Stipe Miočić. There are many who will agree with the vicious UFC knockout, but some, like Chael Sonnen, are a bit more cautious in such assessments.

So these days, Sonnen has publicly stated his thoughts on a great difficult rematch, and at the same time, he wondered on what basis some people draw a conclusion about Ngannou's progress? "If everything goes according to plan, this will be the year of the 'Predator'

If he beats Stipe and becomes the champion and then defeats Jones, it will be an incredible achievement." "It is very important for me to hear what Francis learned from the first match. I watched that fight, it lasted five rounds and Stipe was more successful in every aspect, he won every round, every exchange."

"In addition, Stipe doesn't look any worse than then, he's even better in some parts. and you tell Francis the same compliments and that he is not worse, that is, that he may be better than then, we still have to hear what will be different this time if we put the two of them back in the Octagon, "Sonnen began on his official YouTube channel.

Chael is surprised

In his presentation, Chael also pointed out the fact that Miočić is an 'underdog' in the eyes of bookmakers. Despite convincingly celebrating in the first match, the odds of the reigning champion winning in the rematch are around 2.30, while the one on the favored challenger is hovering around 1.65.

"So people not only think Francis will beat Stipe, they're even more convinced of it even though he's already beaten him. But I'm still wondering how? And I need to hear that because I haven't been shown it once before" " He knocked down and managed to keep Francis, but since then I have never seen others try to bring him down and fail or maybe knock him down so he somehow gets back on his feet."

"If the answers and his progress had been shown to me, I wouldn’t have to listen about that, and now that's all I can do." "If you look at Francis' previous fights, you'll see that it almost always looks like this - he hits someone and hits him harder than he wanted or could have been hit."

"Yes, he successfully knocks them out, but one question arises from this: can Francis win if he can't hit you? Are you impressed enough with his abilities in clinching, with his ability to work pressure?" "Have you seen the fights in which he did it, in which he came back from the backlog? So it surprised me that people are playing with money and they think Francis will hit him and knock out him.

I’m not here to convince you of anything else, I’m just asking you to give me a deeper answer, ”Sonnen continued.