UFC wants to help Chimaev speed up his recovery

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UFC wants to help Chimaev speed up his recovery

When none of the top three UFC opponents managed to stop him in his rapid rise to the top of the UFC, and the next ones didn’t get a chance yet, Khamzat Chimaev did it with COVID-19. At the wrong time, it turned out that he was positive for COVID and that he would have to go into isolation For the third time, the Swedish-Chechen UFC welterweight and middleweight fighter had to cancel the fight against Leon Edwards due to the consequences of the current "mainstream" world disease on his health.

Chimaev even believed that he had fully recovered, after which he started preparations for the fight that was to take place on March 13, but he was quickly forced to cancel it. It turned out that the situation was not so great He started getting tired too fast during training and completely lost strength and fitness.

The tests confirmed that he still felt the consequences and was forced to seek additional professional help. He could do almost nothing in training, the training was hard and it seems that COVID has more serious consequences than most people think.

Regardless of previous physical fitness, sports life, and everything else, the disease is sometimes stronger, but it seems that Chimaev's recovery should go in a positive direction.

UFC wants to help

This involved the UFC, which decided to use their resources to take care of Chimaev, so he is on his way to Las Vegas.

This was confirmed by his manager Ali Abdelaziz, adding that he hopes that Khamzat could be ready to fight in June at the earliest, but he did not give any concrete forecasts, adding only that health is currently in the first place.

The UFC in their APEX institute has everything needed for the preparations, but also the recovery of the fighters, and Chimaev will be in the really best conditions that someone can provide him. Certainly, these conditions could be helpful and Chimaev could speed up his recovery And above all, the goal will be to get rid of the consequences that the disease has left him, but also to lead to the fact that they do not return to him after that.

Meanwhile, Leon Edwards, who has been waiting for this fight for months, should get a new opponent. The only problem is that the one who seems to be the best option, and that is Colby Covington, is currently rejecting him.