Covington: "It seems to me that Usman is ready to be knocked out in the next fight"

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Covington: "It seems to me that Usman is ready to be knocked out in the next fight"

The first round of the fight against Gilbert Burns did not look good for Kamaru Usman. The champion found himself in trouble and it seemed that the main fight of the UFC 258 event could result in a surprise. But Burns failed to seize the opportunity, after which Usman took control of the fight in the second round, and in the third, he finished it.

He thus passed another exam he had never encountered before and came away with his 13th victory in as many appearances within the UFC’s Octagon. Still, Colby Covington is the one who put him on the toughest exam and against whom he had to show more.

That fight from the end of 2019 was won by Usman with a break at the end of the fifth round, in a situation where after four rounds it was tied. Because of all this, it is always interesting to hear how Usman's new performance is commented by Colby, who still thinks that he should win in that fight and is looking for a rematch.

"It seems to me that this guy is ready to be knocked out in the next fight, and I want to be the one to do it. Looks like his chin is a little loose. Dilbert is an overgrown dwarf, a lightweight fighter knocked out by lightweight fighters."

" A fighter who has absolutely nothing and then he hits him, threatens him and almost ends up in the first round? You're lucky he did something stupid and lay on you for five minutes until you recovered."

"Besides, I didn't see anything special. He looked worse than before. He changed camp and looks like a different fighter, but in a bad way. It's like he's stopped progressing." "He looks like the guy I'm willing to expose to the world and show them what Colby Chaos Covington 2.0 is," Colby commented on the fight during a guest appearance with his favorite medium, Submission Radio.

Referee decision

The situation after four rounds of their first-round (you can see it at the bottom of the text) was such that one referee scored 3: 1 in favor of Usman, another had the same score in favor of Colby, while a third referee thought each got two round.

So, the last round was crucial, and in it, Usman sent the challenger to the floor, where shortly after that there was a referee break. Judge Marc Goddard has listened to insults from Covington for his reaction, who believes he has taken away his victory.

Despite the fact that it is difficult to guess how he would, in the remaining time, reverse the fifth round, which he lost before the "knockdown" "Marty Fakenewsman was lucky when we first fought. I led him 3-1 in the rounds.

Next time we fight before the fight I won't poison him with food." "In the fight he won't have Marc Goddard to save him the moment I hit him in the liver and he claims I hit him in the crotch. It changed the whole fight and had an amazing effect. He had a few more breaks in the fight when he caught his breath."