Edwards: "Covington is a weird character and you can't know what's going to happen."

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Edwards: "Covington is a weird character and you can't know what's going to happen."

Shortly after it became clear that Khamzat Chimaev would not be ready for March 13, the UFC turned to other solutions so Dana White said he would try to arrange a match between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington. "It's a fight that makes sense now.

Look what happened to Leon ... He accepted a fight with a fighter who was ranked 15th, with a character who is a beast and with whom no one wanted to fight." "He accepted that match, and it's been postponed several times ...

We have to do this that way, we have to show the character the respect he deserves, "the UFC president said a few days ago. Rocky liked the idea right away. It would be the biggest match of his career, and winning it would probably lead him to a title fight.

But the question is how attractive this option is for the former Covington challenger ... Although this is a potential duel between the second and third fighters from the official welterweight challenge ladder, Edwards did not really prove to be a magnet for the audience, and Colby currently has much more attractive options that include Kamaru Usman or Jorge Masvidal.

Edwards on Covington

But that's where Covington comes up with a new problem because it's increasingly likely that the UFC will merge its current champion with 'Gamebred' As a result, Colby is running out of options, but despite that, Edwards is not too optimistic that we will watch their match.

"I know it's a fight the UFC is forcing. They offered it to me, and they offer it to his team. But Covington is a weird character and you can't know what's going to happen." "It's hard to guarantee something.

I can only say that to me and my team sounds like a good idea. It sounds good to UFC also, but who knows, maybe he decides to run away again. Anyway, I'm ready, "Edwards said in an interview with The Bash MMA. "Well, he doesn't want to mention my name at all.

He probably doesn't want what these hands have to offer. If the UFC decides to organize a fight between Masvidal and Usman, then what's left for him to do? He has to fight me." "I'm the third welterweight in the world.

If this match happens, I’ll beat him and then the title fight follows, ”concluded‘ Rocky ’who hasn’t fought since July 2019 when he beat Rafael dos Anjos in Texas.