Pudzianowski could fight a not-so-famous African fighter

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Pudzianowski could fight a not-so-famous African fighter

It has been known for some time that Mariusz Pudzianowski will lead the KSW 59 event, which takes place on March 20th. The title fight will be a duel between Antun Račić and Sebastian Przybysz, and now we may have found out who KSW intended for its big star, the record holder in the number of appearances in the main fights of their events and the five-time winner of the "World's Strongest Man"

In fact, KSW has not officially revealed who it is, but they have posted a "teaser" video on social media in which they reveal that it is a double world champion, 198 centimeters tall and 140 kilograms heavy. As much as they tried to hide who it was, it was enough to just capture the “frames” of the video, and fans of the African martial arts scene then easily recognized who it was.

It should be Serigne Ousmane Dia, known by the nickname "Bombardier" or simply "B-52" He is multiple champions in Senegalese wrestling and a fighter who has made two professional MMA appearances so far.

As for his age, we cannot find the exact data for now. Namely, Sherdog mentions him as a 44-year-old, while from the video of his fight held in 2018, it can be concluded that he is 36. Interestingly, he is not even on Tapology.

Bombardier's fights

According to data from Sherdog, Bombardier defeated a certain “Rocky Balboa” in his first MMA fight with a break in the first round, and it is a fight held in May 2018. He had his second appearance last year, when he was better than Dana Podmore, otherwise at least knuckle boxers from England.

The fight against Rocky can be found on YouTube. KSW has yet to officially confirm this fighter as an opponent of their big star, but it is believed to be a matter of time after fans really didn’t have long to figure out who it was.

This will be Pudzinowski's first performance since November 2019, when he was better than Erko Jun in Arena Zagreb. Some even assumed that this was the last fight for the 44-year-old strongman, but the Polish audience still wanted him, so they decided on his big comeback.

We cannot predict in advance what resistance this Senegalese will offer him, but every fight between two such great men is intriguing in its own way.