Burns: "I must not make such mistakes if I want to become a champion."

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Burns: "I must not make such mistakes if I want to become a champion."

Gilbert Burns was very emotional after the defeat he suffered in the biggest match of his career. The brilliant Brazilian welterweight failed to dethrone his former teammate and after UFC 258 had to congratulate Kamaru Usman.

Disappointed, 'Durinho', despite the defeat by technical knockout, appeared at the press conference and briefly commented on the fight with the current champion. Burns is aware that throughout the match he was focused only on how to bring down Usman and that he neglected tactics, which in the end cost him the victory.

Still, it looks like they will work on it and try to change that way of fighting. "I was carried away by the excitement. I was like my friend Cody Garbrandt, as soon as I hurt him ... I made the same mistake when I fought Dan Hooker, and I must not make such mistakes if I want to become a champion."

"The situation is now such that I want to be like Robbie Lawler. If I'm not mistaken, he's the only character he lost to Johny Hendricks and then successfully came back, recorded a few wins, and he became a champion.

That's exactly what I intend to do, "read Burns' first reaction.

He respect Usman

For Usman, he says, he still has great respect. It seems that all those training were not in vain. Gilbert has tremendous respect for Kamara and defeats as such will not change his opinion of him.

Gilbert is aware that every fighter has one goal and that is victory. "I still think all the best about Kamaru Usman. I respect him very much. People, this is not tennis or football, this is a fight. I know his family and I will never say bad things about him ..."

As we have already said Gilbert will try to change tactics and will have to work much more on a mental level and on how to stay focused even though he is at an advantage. If he manages to work on the mental part, there is a chance that he will reach the desired belt "When it comes to a fight, I don't see a face in front myself and I just want to finish the opponent.

But like I said, I have to be disciplined if I intend to become a champion. I did the same thing as my friend Garbrandt. As soon as I saw that he was shaken, I forgot about tactics, "Burns analyzed. that he wants to return to action as soon as possible.