Usman: "Training and fighting are two different stories"

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Usman: "Training and fighting are two different stories"

After another great victory, Kamara Usman admitted that it was difficult for him to play a match with his former teammate, praising Gilbert Burns, but also revealing who he would most like to have as his next opponent. "It feels great, but this was hard.

Very hard. This whole situation around me leaving the hall ... But first of all, you can't discredit what Gilbert Burns did in this category." "He recovered after being knocked out, moved to the welterweight, and started going through other characters.

We went on this trip together and he showed it tonight. He lined up knockouts to get to this fight. But I already said, I'm that character from the first team and my martial IQ is different." "Training and fighting are two different stories.

I'm a completely different beast from start to finish and I've seen that tonight, "said the UFC champion shortly after he stopped Burns in the third round by technical knockout on Sunday and recorded a record 13th consecutive welterweight victory.

'Durinho' opened the fight better and shook Usman at the very beginning, who admits that he really felt his right hand, but also pointed out that he was not surprised by what the challenger had to offer. "I knew he was hitting hard.

That's how our joint training sessions went. I would throw one shot, and he would fight back with hard counters." "For a guy who moved to this category, he really has a lot of strength in those hands. If there was someone else in my place, Burns would put him to sleep with those punches.

He caught me in the first round with that crochet and I felt it. "

Usman on his reaction

Why did you get in Burns's face, that's not very common for you? Joe Rogan asked after Usman's fight. "This is my cage.

I'm a champion for a reason. I don't care who you are, once you're inside you're no longer my friend. He said that I have something he wants and that he comes for it." "From start to finish there was no friendship inside the cage.

I tell everyone else that it's time to show respect. I'm the champion for a reason and I'm staying here, "Kamara replied, sending a clear message to Jorge Masvidal and the rest of the category before the interview ended.

"We have that street bully called Jesus. We tried several times to arrange that fight, but he persistently avoided it. The only reason he accepted the match earlier was that he had six days left so he had an excuse right away."

"And he's still talking all sorts of things. That he broke my nose, that he jumped in at the last minute, that I gave him three weeks, and then he would do something." "This is not over! I will give you the whole training camp and I guarantee you will not sign the contract.

All these fools can get a chance, but he is the one who says something persistently. Let him accept the match and see what awaits him, "Usman told Gamebred, which he defeated in July last year by a unanimous decision of the referees.