White plans to arrange a match between Covington and Edwards

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White plans to arrange a match between Covington and Edwards

He was left without a fight against Khamzat Chimaev three times, but Leon Edwards is now perhaps closer than ever to a fight for the UFC belt. If we believe Dane White’s words, the UFC intends to host a meeting of Edwards and Colby Covington!

The UFC president revealed on Friday that it was a fight that would give us the first challenger in the welterweight division. Nothing is official yet, White will have to sit down and talk to the fighters. From 'Rocky's' side, there will probably be no problem, because Covington is one of the names he wanted after it became known that his duel with Chimaev was canceled for the third time due to the coronavirus.

"After what happened to Khamzat, we're looking at Colby and Leon's fight," White began, answering the question of what that would mean for a potential meeting between Covington and Jorge Masvidal: "In today's world, things change every minute.

Khamzat has fought three times in three weeks, and now he can't fight for three months. We just have to adjust."

Dana White statement

Covington is currently second and Edwards third in the official UFC welterweight rankings.

There is already a long break behind the English fighter and we haven't seen him in action since July 2019 when he defeated Rafael dos Anjos, and after all the problems with the fight with Khamzat, White thinks it's time for Leona to finally be rewarded for accepting the fight with a rival that many avoided.

"It's a fight that makes sense now (Edwards vs. Covington). Look what all happened to Leon ... He accepted a fight with a fighter who was ranked 15th, with a character who is a beast and with whom no one wanted to fight."

"He accepted that match, and it was postponed several times ... We have to do this that way, we have to show the character the respect he deserved, "White said. Covington, on the other hand, hasn’t been seen in the Octagon since September last year when he stopped Tyron Woodley in Las Vegas.

It was Colby’s first appearance since losing to Kamaru Usman. It is unknown at this time whether Edwards and Covington would have fought on March 13, when Leon's match with Chimaev was scheduled. In any case, if there is a fight, we will have an interesting night where we will see two great fighters in action.