Frankie Edgar described the moments after the match with Sandhagen

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Frankie Edgar described the moments after the match with Sandhagen

No one was comfortable watching what happened to Frankie Edgar in the fight against Cory Sandhagen. Nor did Sandhagen himself in the post-fight interview want to watch what he did, expressing a great deal of respect for his opponent.

But how did the former UFC champion go through it all? Judging by what he said, the situation was quite dramatic. Edgar came to the announcement of the winner, but even then it was clear that he was not fully aware of everything that was happening, and now he confirmed that much of the process after the fight was actually done on "autopilot"

"I didn't come to my senses until I was behind in the locker rooms. That's the first thing I remember. I was sitting and the doctors were around me and we were going through the whole process." "Mark and Ricardo (Henry and Oliveira) were next to me so I asked Mark what happened.

He told me that I was fighting, but I somehow guessed that, but I couldn't remember who I was fighting against, I asked them who I was fighting against, and they then told me against Sandhagen."

He tried to remember

"I tried to remember the preparation before the match, but I couldn't.

I asked them how long I knew about that fight, whether I accepted it as a replacement or something. Then they told me that two months had passed, that I had trained for two months for that fight, ”Edgar said in an interview with Brett Okamoto.

The situation became dramatic, as Frankie’s coaches did not have such a drastic situation. Then the doctors came and tried to get some other information. "I couldn't figure out some things. Then the doctors came and asked me what day it was.

It had never happened to me in my life, but I didn't know at the time. I wondered if it was September or maybe December." "Then they decided I should go for a CT scan. They put me in the car, where then the nurse asked me what day it was in February, and I immediately remembered it was the sixth."

"From that moment, things started coming back to me. I remembered the warm-up, even the first 20 seconds of the fight, all the way to that knee blow. It all came back to me, although I still don’t remember leaving the cage, ”he recounted the further course of events.