Diaz: "I know why everyone's looking for me. Because I've never lost a fight"

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Diaz: "I know why everyone's looking for me. Because I've never lost a fight"

Nate Diaz could be back soon. Popular UFC fighter hasn’t performed since November 2019, when he was defeated by Jorge Masvidal, and in 2020 there wasn’t exactly any speculation about his performance. However, it became relevant again and became interesting to the media, and the opportunity to talk to him was given to Ariel Helwani who asked him why he had not fought for so long and where he had been, and what he had been doing for the past year and months.

"I asked for a rematch of my last fight, but the UFC didn't start that story. After that, the situation with COVID came up and I waited to see what and how it would happen." "I trained all the time and I'm here, I'm ready to accept the fight," he replied.

is Nate to the said question. Helwani then turned to be called out by many fighters lately. In fact, he listed almost the entire top of the lightweight category and asked Nate why he thought that was the case, or why all those fighters would like to try against him.

The answer did not disappoint. "I know why everyone's looking for me. Because I've never lost a fight. The whole welterweight category has been losing lately. Just about every one of them except that one guy, What's his name? He beat Tony Ferguson.

He's the right guy, I'd fight him." Diaz said confidently, after which Helwani reminded him it was Charles Oliveira.

Nate on categories

Nate then proceeded with his somewhat vague explanation of his status, also revealing how these fighters would have to rise to the welterweight category, as he no longer intends to fight up to 70 pounds.

"I love winners, I'm a winner because I've never lost to anyone. But I won't fight up to 70 pounds. And up to 77 pounds there's no one. When one of these guys grows up, I'll fight them up to 77 pounds.

The lightweight category has some guys like that. I like fighting Dustin Poirier or Charles Oliveira, "he revealed. In short, Diaz is not interested in any of the welters, he is only interested in two lightweight fighters, but only if they come against him to fight in welterweight.

Someone would now say that Diaz is picky or has strange desires. Besides, when it comes to defeating. Nate has done 32 fights in his career, of which he was defeated in 12 of them. But perhaps the welterweight option would be interesting to at least one of the two he named.

Dustin Poirier, who is currently in a very relaxed situation, where he can almost choose an opponent. He responded via Twitter. “Fighting closer to my natural weight is something that sounds really good to me,” Poirier wrote on Twitter, almost certainly referring to Diaz’s roll call.

Still, we don’t know how realistic that is in a situation where the third fight against Conor McGregor is mentioned around him, but also the fight for the lightweight title, which could happen soon.