Daniel Strauss arrested for attacking his ex-girlfriend

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Daniel Strauss arrested for attacking his ex-girlfriend

Former Bellator lightweight champion Daniel Straus was arrested in Florida last Friday on charges of committing a severe physical assault on his partner. According to the statement of the alleged victim, on January 21, the two of them entered the discussion via text messages, and then Straus appeared unannounced at her workplace.

The debate then moved to the parking lot. The alleged victim at one point got into the vehicle to separate from Strauss but he got in behind her and followed her even when she decided to get out. Then the pushing started, and when she tried to get back in the vehicle, Straus allegedly hit her several times, causing her to fall to the floor.

He called her into the apartment

Straus then, according to the assailant, left the scene of the incident, but then called her and said he was in her apartment. Fearing the destruction of the property, the victim decided to meet at his place of residence to try to take a spare key from Strauss, but then a new attack allegedly took place.

"You don't know me, I'll stab you," Straus reportedly told her before pushing her through the door, and shortly afterward stabbing her in the stomach with a sharp object. The victim then sought help from neighbors who brought her to a local hospital.

Bellator also spoke about the whole situation and in a short comment for MMA Junkie said that they were "aware of the situation and that they are in contact with Strauss' team" Strauss, let us remind you, already had problems with the law.

According to US portals, he was jailed on charges of robbery between 2004 and 2007, and in 2013 he was arrested for drug possession. He won the Bellator title twice. The first time was in 2013 when he defeated Pat Curran, from whom he then lost the title in his first belt defense.

He returned to the throne in 2015 with a big victory over Patricia Freire, but once again in the next performance he lost the title to the same opponent who took it away. He had his last match in September 2019 when he was defeated by Derek Campos by a unanimous decision of the referees.

He should appear in court soon, where the court will decide what punishment he deserves. Given all the facts that have happened, it looks like Strauss is going to have big problems.