Overeem: "Yesterday wasn’t my night."

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Overeem: "Yesterday wasn’t my night."

Everyone who followed the fight between Alexander Volkov and Alistair Overeem did not miss the fact that the legendary Dutchman had a very bad performance, a fight in which he seemed to lack enthusiasm. This is especially unusual for a fighter who has been announcing his last expedition to the top for months.

He was expected to be ready to leave the last atom of power in the Octagon, but that didn’t happen. As he suffered a defeat after which it is hard to expect that he will return to the opportunity where he can compete for the position of a challenger, many wondered if we watched him for the last time.

You can try to find the answer to that in his address on Instagram. "You’re a true warrior @volkov_alex Congrats on the win!" "Yesterday wasn’t my night. I could not recover from that punch in the first round after I broke my nose."

"My highest priority right now is to heal up and spend some well deserved time with the family. I’ll be back in the gym soon though." "Thank you all for your support! I see the comments, you guys are the best."

Last fight

From this message, it is difficult to conclude what Alistair's combat plans are. He probably didn’t want to make any decisions so abruptly even before talking to the important people in his life, most notably family and coaches.

If this was the last fight in “Reem’s” career, we can all be proud to have witnessed one great fighter and a great person. You can be his fan or not, but we believe you all appreciate him, as well as everything he has achieved and what impact he has left on martial arts.

If Alistair decides to have another fight, we can only hope that this seen over the weekend is not his current reality but just a bad day. Because for everyone who cared about this fighter, it was not at all pleasant to watch.

Congratulations to Alexander Volkov, he is currently a fighter at his peak and in full force, and the best of him may yet follow. Overeem remains one of the best fighters who in his later years still manages to fight and achieve success.

It is not a surprising factor that a fighter in those years suffered a defeat even though he was previously one of the best.