Mendez on Khabib's return: "Anything is possible, but it should be a real fight."

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Mendez on Khabib's return: "Anything is possible, but it should be a real fight."

The 32-year-old UFC lightweight champion in his statements seems very serious about retirement in October last year, after the win against Justin Gaethje. In fact, he seems relaxed and very satisfied with how his life is currently going and what he is doing.

Returning to the fights is not an option for him at the moment, despite the fact that the UFC probably still hopes for it, so the lightweight title is still not vacant for that reason. Neither coach Javier Mendez believes in his return.

He also repeatedly revealed that Khabib had confirmed to him that he would not be seen again in the Octagon. But is there anything that would have to happen for the Dagestani to head for his 30th career victory after all?

Javier Mendez on Khabib's return

"Look, anything is possible, but it should be a real fight.

In that case, there is a possibility that he would talk to his mother and get her consent. Until that happens and until there is an offer, I don't know anything about it." " I just heard some stories, something was mentioned by Kenny Florian and Jon Anik, but that's it.

I haven't heard anything from anyone else, "Mendez said in an interview with MMA Junkie, adding which single fight could lead to a change of mind: "In my opinion, it would have to be GSP, no other extra win would bring Khabib anything.

If Conor had won the last fight and looked great, maybe Dana would have managed to do something, maybe Khabib would have seen something there. But it's out of the game now. " Many resent Khabib for not trying to find new challenges and motivation in the welterweight category, but regardless of the circumstances, Mendez says it was never something they thought about.

Even to fight St-Pierre, some compromise should be found in that field. "He never thought about the second category, he never showed interest. He always told me how he is a lightweight fighter and how he intends to stay there.

I used to mention it to him over the years, I would ask him what if he was offered a welterweight title, but he was not interested in that." "The only option that might have interested him at the time would be the introduction of a new category and the fight against GSP.

And I think that such a category is needed because there is simply too much difference between light and welterweight, "he explained Georges St-Pierre has been retired much longer than Khabib, and he didn't mention the option of a possible return, especially if it would be necessary to lose weight for welterweight or maybe even a lower category, which he last did in 2013.