Miocic: "Francis is a very strong guy, but he is fighting against me"

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Miocic: "Francis is a very strong guy, but he is fighting against me"

A convincing victory by a judge's decision after five rounds is the result of the first fight between Stipe Miočić and Francis Ngannou, the two best MMA heavyweights in the world, who will lead the UFC 260 event on March 27 with their big rematch.

Miočić remained on his feet in that first fight after receiving several very serious blows from the Cameroonian, and then he took complete control of the fight. It was as if Francis had only a little ammunition, which he spent and then almost disappeared by the end of the fight.

We can't know what will happen in the new fight, but we can find out how the UFC champion, who was once again set up as an outsider, looks at it. "Francis is a very strong and dangerous guy. He's in a row again where he knocks everything out in front of him, but unfortunately for him, he has to fight me again."

" That's a bad part of his story. He's definitely better than he was, but so am I."

Stipe is confident

"I know I'm getting old, but I'm also getting wiser, I have a couple of new tricks It is said that it is not possible to teach an old dog new tricks, but that is not true I have learned a lot since we last fought."

"In the end, everything will be the same. I will come out of the arena with a belt around my waist, still, the same champion, "Stipe revealed during one unusual visit. Namely, he found himself in Renee Paquette's Oral Sessions Podcast.

The presenter, who doesn't have much to do with martial arts, did very well and asked the UFC champion what elements of the fight he believes he raised to a higher level than before, especially in the first fight against Ngannou.

"Speed ​​and 'timing' But first of all, I worked on speed, it's all up to speed. Speed ​​is what kills. In fact, we've worked on it the most in the last couple of camps, the ones to fight Cormier" Stipe said Francis certainly becomes more lethal, but we can’t know what happens and what he looks like after someone manages to avoid his first couple of attacks.

In the first fight, we saw how Stipe managed it and what happened then. And now that will be the first and most important task. If Stipe does it the way he envisioned, the rest is up to Francis. What can he do and what has he changed to prevent the same thing from happening to him as in early 2018? We’ll find out if the fight goes beyond the opening few minutes.