Chandler replied to Poirier: "I think I deserve a fight for the belt"

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Chandler replied to Poirier: "I think I deserve a fight for the belt"

An impressive win against Dan Hooker at UFC 257 has only further raised interest around Michael Chandler, and the UFC’s new fighter now finally names a reference from the Octagon, as well as a high spot on the lightweight challenger rankings.

He also became a serious contender for a recent title fight (after the UFC finally made it inevitable), while the second best-ranked fighter is Dustin Poirier. There is, of course, Charles Oliveira, and between the three of them, two will fight for the belt.

But the problem arose when Poirier, who is the main candidate for the fight, said he did not intend to fight Chandler for the title until he deserved it. He believes that just one win in the UFC is not enough to get to something he originally worked for for years.

On the other hand, the former Bellator champion has his own opinion on the whole situation. "I'm a little surprised by his attitude. It doesn't matter who I was before UFC 257 because now everything is different in the eyes of fans and the media, but also in the rankings.

I had a dominant performance and after two and a half minutes I ended up with a man he fought for 25 minutes." "But he has the right to consider himself a champion, I also think he deserves to be one half of the title fight, it's just a question of who will be second.

Dana White said after UFC 257 that after such performances there is no reason not to be him or Chandler", Michael said in an interview with MMA Fighting, continuing: "You hear Poirier talk about the trilogy against Conor for which there is little chance of a fight being for the title.

So on the one hand he says he wants to be a champion and on the other hand about fights that bring money first." "So he has to decide for himself first whether he wants to be a champion or make as much money as possible.

I understand him, if you ask me the same it would not be easy to make that decision, but I think I would lean more towards that gold. "

Chandler on Poirier

He still looked back on everything Poirier has done so far, as well as on his career so far.

He understands that it is possible that he will not be selected by the UFC as a challenger, but he also intends to continue building his path. "He has a right to have an opinion. I even understand his attitude when he says I didn't deserve it.

He has over 20 fights in the UFC, I have one. But I've also built my way into this sport through 12 years and 27 fights, I had a lot of dominant wins." "He said he would dedicate himself to selling his sauce if I win the title fight.

So he could become a salesman in the next six months because the title fight has to take place. I'm not saying I'll be a part of it for sure, but I'm here to take the opportunity and make a real impression."

"I did it at UFC 257 and now I want to continue. The UFC accepted me as a top fighter, the fans accepted me as well as the media. The other top fighters didn't and that's alright too."