Former UFC fighter Soszynski has revealed that psychedelics helped him

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Former UFC fighter Soszynski has revealed that psychedelics helped him

The career of Krzysztof Soszynski, a Canadian MMA fighter known by the nickname "Polish Experiment", lasted eight years. A fighter who always left his heart in the ring or cage and who did not run away from open clashes.

For the last three years of his career, he fought in the UFC. The fight against Pokrajac, which he did at the end of 2011, was the last in his career. "Duke" stopped him with punches in the first minute of the fight, which was Krzysztof's sixth knockout defeat.

Although he was only 34 years old, he decided to end his career. Today, he is a family man whose voice you can hear in the official broadcasts of the KSW promotion in English. In that way, he remained close to the sport he was playing.

Although he had some specific mental problems after the end of his career, he managed to solve them and today he lives a normal life. "Don't get me wrong. My knees are in very bad shape, but my mind is still strong.

I'm happy, I don't have any crazy symptoms like some other ex-fighters." " I've worked with a lot of doctors who have helped me regenerate, yes I rebuild all connections with the brain. I am very happy to use things that help me, including supplements, "Soszynski said in an interview with MMA Junkie, adding: "Also, I think I left the fights at the right time.

My mind advised me to stop, and my family told me so. Then I agreed to it and stopped with everyone, in fact now I just see how happy I am to have stopped and that I have a great life. I am 43 years old and I feel like I have opened a new chapter, a new journey.


Ian McCall on his experience

But he added that some of the things he took, around which the public is divided, are also responsible for his good condition. On the one hand, you have fighters like Spencer Fisher, who are going through a life drama because of the damage received during their career, and on the other hand, there are fighters who believe there is help.

Former UFC fighter Ian McCall is also one of those who share the opinion with Krzysztof and who have actually decided to become users of the same. These are psychedelics. "I've personally been taking therapy with microdoses of LSD, psilocybin fungi, and things like that.

In very, very small quantity. I've been doing this for a while. To be honest, I recently had my first ayahuasca experience and those things are just fantastic." "Certainly they help you see the world differently.

There are small differences, but you feel happy, you have more energy and it gives you some elan to start doing things. At the same time, I feel normal and wonderful. I think this is the future. Such things don't just help us, but also to people who have been at war or who have post-traumatic stress." "This has been proven by studies."