Gaethje believes Dana White is guilty for the mess in the lightweight category

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Gaethje believes Dana White is guilty for the mess in the lightweight category

Khabib Nurmagomedov claims to be retired, but is still the official lightweight champion, Michael Chandler is pushing for the title fight with just one fight and a win in the UFC, Dustin Poirier as the current first-ranked fighter is not interested in the former Bellator champion, and here is also Charles Oliveira who is also looking for an opportunity in the fight for the elite belt ...

The combination is a lot, and the final solution will definitely disappoint some of the main faces of the lightweight category. Could it be that some things could have been played out differently? If you ask Justin Gaethje, a fighter who is also part of those combinations, the current situation is a reflection of a series of bad decisions.

Guilty? According to the former challenger and interim champion, these are - the UFC and Dana White.

Gaethje on White's decision

Gaethje believes it all actually started back in October, at the UFC 254 event that brought us his encounter with the still current champion Khabib.

"This is happening with Poirier because Dana White tried, in fact, he fuc*ed up Tony (Ferguson) and Dustin. He said fu*k you, I'll take Chandler and he'll be the reserve for the title fight." "It all happened before three or four months.

And we're human, we have principles, principles we stick to ... That's what it's about. That's why Dustin says it (that he won't fight Chandler). In fact, I guess that's because I'm not in contact with him ", Gaethje said in an interview with MMA Junkie and continued: "When Dana White did it, on October 24, he didn't just s*it on Dustin Poirier and Tony Ferguson.

He s*it on every single fighter who wants to do things the right way, who wants integrity in sports. That's why Dustin Poirier's story that way. " Justin also believes that the UFC's decision to designate Chandler as a reserve fighter for UFC 254, as well as the lack of necessary steps to finalize the fight between Ferguson and Poirier, has affected more lightweight fighters.

And in the wrong way. "Do you just remember how upset Tony and Dustin were when their match wasn't arranged? It was probably a $ 50 or $ 100,000 shortfall on one of their contracts." "The signature didn't fall, and they were ready for the match.

They went public with that. And that's not right. I don't like it as a fighter, I don't like it as an employee. In fact, I'm not an employee but someone who offers their services to this company."