Fury on Conor: "Inactivity has killed a cat, I have no doubt about it."

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Fury on Conor: "Inactivity has killed a cat, I have no doubt about it."

While he honestly admitted that Dustin Poirier was better and that he had no objection to his UFC 257 win, Conor McGregor still couldn’t escape thinking about how he would have performed much better if he had remained active after last year’s fight against Donald Cerrone.

That is, he believes he was missing something in the arena, and what he would have gotten if the UFC had arranged a fight for him when he hoped to. It can be speed, it can be the very feeling of entering the Octagon, which can very well affect the mental state of the fighter, tension, or on the other hand relaxation.

Conor knows he could and should have been better, and boxing superstar Tyson Fury agrees. He knows very well what it is like to be without a match for a long time, but he also strategically played two weaker matches on paper after both of his breaks.

And that is why he believes that insufficient activity is the main reason for the heavy defeat he suffered.

Furry on Conor's defeat

"Conor McGregor fought in 2016, then he was gone for two years, and then he fought Khabib.

Then again almost two years passed and he fought Cerrone and finally another year break until the fight against Poirier." "Inactivity has killed a cat, I have no doubt about it. When one man is active, fighting, pairing and training and the other is on the couch, that's not good, "Fury told the Daily Telegraph, further explaining his position: "You lose timing, you lose your sense of distance, you lose everything.

And it all has to slowly come back to you when you get back to camp, but also in fights." "If you do three fights after you're gone for three years, you'll be ten times better in the third in the first.

I've always been aware of that. I'm a boxing historian and I know all about what the inactivity effect is. " We’ve had a lot of examples in the past where “ring rust” has left a big impact on fighters, but there have also been those where it’s been almost or not noticed at all.

It’s so easy to conclude that it’s actually something that varies from fighter to fighter. However, looking at what 2020 was like, it is not impossible that in addition to inactivity, the performance and preparation were influenced by something else.

Conor has announced that this is why he wants to stay active and fight again as soon as possible. Fury also wanted to stay active, having played his last match a year ago, when he defeated Deontay Wilder in the return match.

He arranged a match to be played against Agit Kabayel in December, but Wilder's legal pressures, which he is trying to secure the right to a third match, led to the cancellation of that match.