Ngannou revealed how he spent his first savings

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Ngannou revealed how he spent his first savings

Francis Ngannou recalled his beginnings in Cameroon and revealed to fans what he spent his first serious savings on. Today, the best heavyweight in the world and Stipe Miočić's next opponent as a child earned his living by digging sand, and in those days his biggest dream was to one day become a truck owner.

Francis has gone much further than that today. He started training boxing at the age of 22, and at the age of 26, he emigrated to Paris where he met his coach Fernando Lopez, and through him, he went into MMA. Today, the 34-year-old Ngannou is the first challenger in the official UFC rankings, and behind him are already 18 professional MMA appearances (15-3), 12 of which he did under the auspices of the most famous MMA promotion.

Already after his third fight in the UFC's Octagon, that is, the meeting with today's retired Serbian fighter Bojan Mihajlović, Francis finally raised enough money to realize his boyhood dream. "As a kid growing up in a sand mine, the biggest dream alive in that environment is to become a truck driver and better yet, a truck owner as they are on-top of the chain of command in a sand business.
My older brother is a mechanic and he also learned how to drive trucks while I was doing everything in my power to become a world-class boxer."

He made his dreams come true

"After a few MMA fights and 3 in the UFC, my savings was just enough to buy this old truck for about $30k so my brother who back then was unemployed can drive and provide for the family with it while I keep hustling out here to make more.

And I bought the truck in October 2016 and I was happy to satisfy one of my childhood dreams." "But what made me happiest - and I almost teared up - were those pictures with my mom in front of the truck smiling as her suffering was about to end for real and she's seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

At that exact moment, even though I was out of money and my utilities couldn't go through until my next paycheck from my fight in Albany 12/9/2016, I felt like I made it." "My former coworkers were loading truck and my sister was playing around throwing sand into it, it was a turning point for my family."

'Predator', let's mention, has its next match on March 27, when they will attack the current champion Miočić for the second time at UFC 260.