Francisco Barrio has prepared a good tactic against Koper

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Francisco Barrio has prepared a good tactic against Koper

Very quickly Francisco Barrio got a chance to fix the impression he left in his first fight inside KSW’s arena. After the close defeat by Mateusz Legierski in November last year, the Argentine-Croatian fighter will be looking for his first victory in the Polish promotion today, against Bartlomie Koper.

Francisco and his opponent will open the program "I feel good and ready, we did everything well and now I'm waiting for the fight," he said briefly when asked about the current mood, which is of course much better than it was after the last performance.

He even seemed very angry at the time but says the real picture wasn't really like that "I wasn't as angry as I was more or less sad that I didn't win, and I knew I could. That's why I'm going to make it right."

Also, after the last fight, he announced that he would no longer fight in the lightweight category, ie up to 70 kilograms, but to seek a fight in the lightweight category.

Lightweight category

Still, the lightweight category came again and he accepted the fight, but the circumstances are actually a lot different than last time.

"Yes, I had that intention, but they called me and I accepted. It's not really a problem for me to fight in the lightweight category. We'll see after this fight what and how to proceed." "Of course, I won't fight in the lightweight category anymore with someone who is welterweight and loses a lot of weight.

This opponent, Koper, also fights up to 66 kilograms, so that's fine with me ", he clearly explained why he fights up to 70 kilograms once again. It was certainly a relief that he doesn't have to lose an extra four kilograms, especially at this time when it's not easy to do everything the right way, but he says that he still had no problems with the preparations.

"I did the preparations well because I'm a categorized athlete so I can train and I didn't have a problem with that. And sparring partners are always found," he revealed with a smile. He will have a fighter against him who is in a series of three defeats and the fourth would probably mean the termination of his cooperation with KSW.

For many fighters, such pressure helps and gets the best out of them. What can we expect from Poles? "The mental pressure is always the same, each of us has his own pressure and it's hard to say now that his pressure is higher."

"His qualities are in endurance, wrestling, and grappling, but he can also hit a fight. I have to be careful. We have prepared good tactics and I just need to stick to it. The plan is to take control, put pressure on him in the fight, and not let him do anything." he concluded