Gaethje: "I don't feel sorry for McGregor at all and I'm happy for Poirier"

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Gaethje: "I don't feel sorry for McGregor at all and I'm happy for Poirier"

Justin Gaethje did not hide his satisfaction with Conor McGregor's new defeat, and he threatened that he could leave the UFC if Dana White and company decide to push the Irishman, despite the outcome from Abu Dhabi, towards a new fight for the title.

"To say in public that he wants an attack on the title and a rematch with Dustin Poirier ... They are fuc*ing idiots. He constantly enjoys the special treatment, and this time he did not use the opportunity." "This event was made for him, and now he suddenly wants to be 'Mr.

Humble,' but you all know he'd be a jerk if he won," Gaethje told ESPN. Justin, let us remind you, had been associated with McGregor for some time, but their fight never took place. Who knows, maybe now is the right time ...

Justin doesn't like McGregor

Justin didn't choose his words and doesn't seem to like McGregor at all. He is happy with Porier’s victory and pleased with his fight. "I don't feel sorry for him at all and I'm happy for Poirier," Gaethje continued.

"The boy did his job and ended it in a cage. I’m glad to see the barker knocked out, nothing makes me happier than to see that garbage grounded. That was great. " There are currently several combinations in the lightweight category that will be worked on more seriously once / if the UFC confirms that Khabib Nurmagomedov is indeed retired.

Somehow, in a sea of ​​interesting options, Charles Oliveira and Poirier are mentioned as the most popular title fight, but Gaethje and McGregor, as well as Michael Chandler, are part of these combinations. The team of the former double champion has already expressed a desire for a trilogy with Poirier, and in their ideal scenario, it would be a belting match.

Justin, on the other hand, disagrees with the plan and has threatened to make drastic moves. Gaethje doesn't like UFC policy at all and thinks it's unfair if McGregor fights for the title again "He's not going to fight for the title.

I'll think about never fighting in the UFC again if that's the case. Well, that would be pointless." "He's currently sixth in the standings and has only one single win in the lightweight division. He chooses his opponents.

Yes, I would like to fight him, but somehow I don't think that's the next thing to do. He won't fight me, "Gaethje concluded.