GSP gave great advice to Conor on how to come out stronger after the defeat

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GSP gave great advice to Conor on how to come out stronger after the defeat

Conor McGregor entered the fight with Dustin Poirier as a favorite in the eyes of bookmakers, but also a good part of the MMA community, but 'The Diamond' last weekend in Abu Dhabi with one great tactic and brave performance cheated predictions and recorded the biggest career victory.

And one of those who was deceived was the legendary Georges St-Pierre. The former UFC champion has admitted he expected the Irish fighter to win. "I thought Conor would win, but I was wrong. I was very surprised. Will he keep his composure under pressure? I think one of Conor's greatest strengths is that he can overcome opponents with pressure and his presence.

All that information he gives to his brain rivals, all the story, and other things." "A lot of his opponents succumb to that pressure, but Poirier stayed sober and proved how good a fighter he really is, and now it will be very interesting to see how Conor comes back after this defeat.

I believe he can do it." "He’s the kind of fighter who is driven by self-confidence and that’s the only way he can provide his best release, ”GSP said during a guest appearance on Michael Bisping’s podcast.

GSP advise to Conor

One of the best fighters in history has felt on his own skin what it’s like to lose when you’re a favorite. That defeat by Matt Serri in 2007 is still considered by many to be the biggest surprise in history.

But the GSP recovered from that shock and retaliated against the American fighter a year later. Conor seems to need self-confidence and his opponent should never be underestimated. How GSP managed it and what advice he has for McGregor, Georges revealed in the continuation of an interesting conversation with Bisping.

"I think he needs to be reborn and change in his training and life the things he believes caused his failure. As long as he believes, it doesn't matter if it's true or not. In my case, when I lost to Matt Serra, I trained believing that I was defeated because I underestimated him."

"Maybe I wasn't scared enough, maybe I didn't invest enough in training - I forced myself to believe that. Maybe it's not true, but it's important that he believes in how he can build on that his self-confidence.

He must detect what he considers to be mistakes in previous preparations and must not repeat them, "St-Pierre concluded.