Dana White was shocked by the referee's decisions

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Dana White was shocked by the referee's decisions

Although UFC 257 has been held in the meantime, the first UFC event in 2021 is still a hot topic in MMA circles. Numerous articles have been written about the fight between Max Holloway and Calvin Kattar at the UFC on ABC 1 event on January 16, and one video that appeared on the UFC's YouTube channel perhaps best describes the events from the fight in which several records were broken.

Enthusiasm for the relentless action that could be seen in the cage that day was suddenly replaced by the anxious and worried expression on UFC President Dana White’s face. 445 significant blows were dealt by Holloway to his rival who somehow, but visibly shaken, managed to survive those most difficult moments.

White talked to judge

"Come on, judge, jump in more. Come on, you see he's unstable on his feet. Stop the fight," said White, who followed the events in the Octagon from the front lines in the company of Matt Serre and Dino Thomas.

But Herb Dean let the action continue and Kattar eventually held out until the referee’s decision which showed an incredible 50-43, 50-43, and 50-42 for Holloway. Former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin, who beat David Loiseau in Las Vegas back in 2006, can only boast such a convincing scene on the judges' cards.

Immediately after the fight ended, White ordered Kattar and his team to avoid giving interviews, that is, to go for a check-up the same second. And how concerned the UFC president was best shown by his conversation with Hunter Campbell, executive vice president.

"He received so many blows that I'm already a little panicked. I don't like this. This reminds me of that type of fight after which the fighter dies. I think the woman Herb Dean should have stopped the match in the fourth round.

He was unstable, he should have stopped it right away, ”White said in a video titled UFC’s Grand New Stage. Sometime later, Dana talked to Kattar and admitted that the fighter calmed him down with his behavior, but, despite that, he told him to go to the hospital immediately.

According to information that emerged a few days after the fight, Calvin left the match with a broken nose and several cuts on his head. But the real question is what the long-term consequences will be ... Yet one should trust the judge and their decisions which are often correct and which we cannot see as closely as they do