Nik Lentz doesn’t want to fight in the UFC anymore

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Nik Lentz doesn’t want to fight in the UFC anymore

For a full 11 years, Nick Lentz was one of those persistent UFC warriors, hearty fighters capable of recording big victories. Often near the top, also often a participant in great fights, and somehow always in the shadow of the rest and better known only to those passionate followers of the sport.

But such people have always appreciated him immensely. As he performed his tasks as a warrior for years and returned to his everyday life after leaving the Octagon, so he ended his career. Quietly, humbly, but above all warriorly, after another performance like the ones, he will be remembered for.

Namely, after the defeat he suffered from Mosvar Evloev in the introductory program of the UFC 257 show, Nick Lentz decided to end his career in a modest way. Although as a veteran of the promotion he had the opportunity to wait his turn to announce it in the Octagon and leave his gloves on the floor and once again experience applause from the audience, especially since he made the decision earlier, Nick did it via Instagram.


"They say don’t make rash decisions after a loss, but this one is not rash or even quick for that matter. The injury I suffered to my eyes last year was a career-ender." "In total, I lost about 40% of my vision, but I wanted to see what one more hard-fought battle was like with the new eyes.

It was clear to me last night that it’s impossible for me to compete at this level anymore." "I just can’t lock on to a moving target like I should, and with 40% of my vision practically gone... it’s chaotic to the least."

"My life as fighter in the best organization on the planet ends here. I am not sad or upset by it, the day comes for everyone. I stand with my head high, God as my redeemer and my children and wife as my treasure."

"Fighting gave those treasures and only ask for a little vision as payment. A trade I would make 100% of the time. "Thank you to my fans, my coaches, my family and everyone who has been a part of this process. Who knows what comes next for The Carny....

but I can tell you what it’s not." Lentz once again presented a big fighting heart in the fight, and twice he was in a very good position to get choked against a stronger and currently better fighter, but he failed. One judge even awarded him the win, but it wasn’t enough nor would it actually be fair.