Poirier believes Chandler has a lot more to achieve to fight for the title

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Poirier believes Chandler has a lot more to achieve to fight for the title

Although the fight against Conor McGregor may have been worthy of the title, especially after Khabib Nurmagomedov confirmed that he will not return to fighting, Dustin Poirier did not win any trophy by winning it. But he came to the biggest or at least the second biggest fight of his career.

An attack on the title is inevitable after that, but the big question is who could be his opponent in that case. One option is a third fight against Conor, which at the moment may not seem like a realistic sequence of events, but in the future, Dustin is certainly looking at it.

"We are now 1: 1 in knockout victories, this is not ‘Fight Island’ but ‘CTE Island’. We will see, I cannot predict the future. But we are 1: 1, we have knocked out each other, we should fight once more right? ", the first was Dustin's comment on a possible trilogy against Conor, when he was mentioned at the press conference.

Then they turned to the next topic, and there were already different views of Dustin and Dane White and potential problems in their relationship.

Dustin on Chandler

Shortly before Dustin came to the same place, White confirmed that Michael Chandler's victory against Dan Hooker certainly achieved something that could be enough to win the championship in the next fight.

It would have to be through Dustin anyway, who doesn’t really like it. "It doesn't make sense to me. Respect for Chandler, a great win against a great fighter. But to come and beat the fighter I beat and get to the title fight? Look how many I'm here, 27 or 28 fights."

"I fought the best fighters, I went through a lot to put my hand on gold. He should fight Charles Oliveira for that position, " it was the first comment on the idea, and then Chandler was mentioned in response to a question about when he could be seen next time in the Octagon: "I don't know when I'll be back and what's next for me.

I need to come home, talk to Daa and the UFC and see what makes sense. But I can guarantee you I won't fight Michael Chandler. Let them do whatever they want with him." However, the media asked for an additional explanation why such an attitude.

He then revealed that he has nothing against Chandler but that he simply cannot accept such a fight when he looks at what some other fighters, including him, have gone through to get to the title fight. He simply thinks that a victory over the sixth fighter on the challenger ladder is not enough