Dana White under media criticism

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Dana White under media criticism

The Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi hosted about 2,500 fighters on the 25km-long island. UFC President Dana White talked for CNN about his experiences on the island and also talked about Nurmagomedov "It was a success in every way you can measure success," White told, as quoted by CNN "Zero positives on the Island, 12,500 tests, 100 athletes, four title fights ...

they're [Abu Dhabi] light years ahead of everybody else in what's going on with COVID, so it really was the perfect partnership."

White was under media criticism for returning to the Octagon

"Why aren't they writing the stories that they were wrong, and we could do this, and we could pull it off, and it has been safe?"
"I never listen to the media, ever.

The media will never determine how I run my business or how I live my life, ever." , he said The situation about the pandemic worries White as well "It's something that I worry about every day," White admits.
"Everything that we've done has been successful; it's been safe.

I think that we've now proven ourselves that we can do this and we can pull this off because I'm not afraid to spend the money. It's expensive to do this thing right." White believes everyone should respect measures taken in the middle of a pandemic "One thing I can tell everybody," he adds.

"This isn't going to work outside of a bubble. You've got to have the bubble, you have to put people in lockdown, people can't be sneaking out, people can't go home. You know, in Abu Dhabi, the people [who worked with UFC] ...

haven't seen their families in two months." White is dissatisfied with this year like everyone else. Asked about Khabib and his return; he thinks he will be back at the right time "It's been very rough on him," White said "His father was a hero to him.

He loved his father; they had a very close relationship and it was very hard on him." "Conor McGregor is retired. But you never know." "Listen, it makes a lot of sense for him to come back at the right time," explains White.

"I don't know when the right time is yet. I'm trying to get to January 1. That's my goal this year, is to get to January 1 without anything blowing up anymore this year in 2020. I can't wait for 2020 to be gone. This will go down as the worst year in history, ever."