White on Conor: "After this there are two options: he'll be hungrier or he's done."

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White on Conor: "After this there are two options: he'll be hungrier or he's done."

In the ideal outcome for the UFC and Dan White, Conor McGregor would beat Dustin Poirier, and Khabib Nurmagomedov would announce his return and do a rematch that would have the potential to break all rating records. But that didn't happen ...

'The Diamond' took revenge on the Irishman after more than six years and recorded a big victory over the former double champion by technical knockout in Abu Dhabi on Sunday. "I think Conor had a good first round, but Poirier was good too.

He fought the way he should have fought in the opening round," Dana White commented at the press conference and later added: "I think he'll be even hungrier (Conor, op.a.). After this there are two options: he'll be hungrier or he's done.

There's money. I'm a big fan of 'Rocky', and this is like a 'Rocky III' movie. When getting off that yacht and lead a good life, it's hard to be a 'beast'" "On the way to the top he was young, hungry, he had no money and he wanted nice things like suits, cars, houses.

Now he has everything he wanted" "So, I don't know ... Things will go one way or another," White concluded the section on McGregor.

Khabib's return

Who knows how many times there is a debate about Khabib's return to the ring What is the situation with Khabib, is the champion back in action? "I talked to Khabib.

And he told me, 'Dana be honest with yourself. I'm so many levels above these characters and I've already beaten them.' I don't know ..." "But it doesn't sound too positive" "We'll see.

He won't keep the category and he's practically retired, but I'm the one trying to get him to do another fight. He hates Conor and so I know he wanted Conor to lose. .. ", Dana commented on this topic. In addition to Poirier, a big win at UFC 257 was recorded by Michael Chandler.

The former Bellator had an impressive UFC debut and knocked out Dan Hooker in the first round. If Nurmagomedov is really retired, then will Chandler and Poirier be vying for the title? “Yes,” the UFC president confirmed briefly and clearly from ‘Fight Island’ Certainly, it would be interesting to watch the fight between Poirier and Chandler who is a big unknown for now. That is why most would like to see what he has to offer and whether he can compete with top fighters