Poirier after the win over Conor: "I'm happy, but I'm not surprised."

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Poirier after the win over Conor: "I'm happy, but I'm not surprised."

After doing a slightly worse first round of UFC 257 fight Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier felt his chance and fully capitalized on the second. He became the first fighter to finish the Irishman with punches and has now brought himself to the position of the biggest star of the category and the main candidate to ascend the throne after Khabib Nurmagomedov is no longer officially on it.

Most thought that McGregor was the one to win and that Poirier had no chance. However, things happened differently. Poirier was very polite in giving a statement and thanked McGregor for a fair fight "I'm happy, but I'm not surprised.

I did a good job. I'd like to thank Conor for accepting this outcome very professionally. He's a professional, I have nothing but respect for him." "We're 1-1 now and maybe we'll need to do this again," first is Dustin's statement, after which he said something about the strategy with which he entered the fight: Poirier also revealed his tactics and what he focused on during the match "The goal was to stick to technique and pick punches, never get into an open fight.

You saw in the end, I managed to shake it up and I stayed calm."

Boxing skills

"I can box, I can kickbox and stick to technique. But otherwise, I always liked to get into crazy exchanges and putting myself in problems I shouldn't be in."

"I think I've shown good boxing counters. I know Max Holloway says he has the best boxing in the UFC, but I have two wins against him. I love that guy, but the fact is, I beat him twice. I boxed well today. I knew I had one of the best against me, but it didn't mean anything to me, I came to win.

" Dustin was already the interim champion of the category, and after this fight, he will almost certainly fight for the right again. It doesn't matter if it will be against Khabib Nurmagomedov, if Dana White miraculously persuades him to return, against Michael Chandler or Charles Oliveira.

The title fight is certainly his, though he has found that he feels like he has already won it. "I fought like this was a title fight. If Khabib left, these were the two best fighters after him. I won, I'm the champion!", Briefly concluded "Diamond", a fighter whom after this fight again no one will ever write off in advance