Stipe Miocic Aims to Shock the World with Win Over Jon Jones

Stipe Miocic shares his thoughts on fighting Jon Jones.

by Aryan Lakhani
Stipe Miocic Aims to Shock the World with Win Over Jon Jones
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Stipe Miocic has been strangled in a similar situation as Michael Chandler. Both fighters are eagerly waiting to step into the biggest fights of their career but are welcomed by constant delay as a result of their opponent's injuries.

Most in the MMA community feel Jon Jones will seamlessly outplay Stipe Miocic in their heavyweight contest. Stipe Miocic doesn't like the noise of the doubters; he is fired up to prove all naysayers wrong. Miocic believes in his skills and abilities as a fighter and can foresee rising victoriously against the UFC heavyweight champion.

According to Jon Jones' recent tweet, his fight with Stipe Miocic will happen in November this year.

Stipe Miocic on holding up the division

In a recent interview with CBS Sports, Stipe Miocic shared his thoughts on holding up the divison and beating Jon Jones.

“I get it. I’d feel the same way, but I’m not taking anything away from him,” Miocic said as quoted by “The UFC can do what they want. It is what it is. There’s only one guy I want to fight, (and) it’s Jon Jones.

But at the same time, the UFC can pick who they want. … I’m not holding up any division like everyone says. I don’t care. Do what you want and stop crying. I’m not saying (Aspinall) is crying. I’m just saying like fans and stuff like that”.

Stipe Miocic on beating Jon Jones

“Everyone thinks he’s going to beat my *. I don’t like being told that, I like shutting people up. He’s beatable. I know he is. Anyone is beatable, and I will be the first to do this”.

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