Michael Chandler is ready to fight Poirier or McGregor

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Michael Chandler is ready to fight Poirier or McGregor

The day has finally come that will bring answers to the questions that have been raised since the day Michael Chandler became a member of the UFC in the early fall of last year. Fighting Dan Hooker is considered by many to be the perfect test to find out everything you need to see if this fighter has the quality to live up to his expectations and fulfill his ambitions.

And they are not small at all, which is not really a problem for him to reveal publicly. "A win over Hooker would bring me to fourth or fifth place in the standings. I think Tony Ferguson is fifth and he has been defeated in the last two fights."

"There's Gaethje, who also lost so now he's waiting to see how the division gets organized. Everyone is actually waiting to see what the fight between Conor and Dustin will bring." "With Khabib’s announced retirement a wide line has opened up for all of us who want to step out and fight for the title.

Conor and Poirier will obviously fight for the first challenger position." "Gaethje is waiting but I think he will need one win before he gets another chance to fight for the title. He can't get an attack on the title right after he was suffocated in the last fight.

Oliveira is in third place, but he only recently did his last fight," Chandler told in an interview for MMA Fighting.

Fight for the title

He studied the situation in the category in detail and sees his opportunity in that.

He came as a well-known name, managed to be actualized in the martial arts media, and in the end found himself in the title fight of a truly grandiose event. Now it's all up to him. "It's very clear who the guys at the top of this division are.

You have a fight between me and Hooker, I'm ready to do it, take a couple of weeks off and see what awaits me in the summer." "And summer is the time to fight for the title. If I dominantly defeat Hooker as I believe I will, why not fight the winner of the Conor and Poirier fight, for a provisional title or even for the right one?" "I will win my fight, take the popcorn, sit by the arena, and watch the fight expecting a clash against the winner.

I just have to do my job in the right way before that. When I do that, you will get answers to many questions, "concluded Chandler, about whom there are really still many unknown things How good is it actually? Did he come to the UFC a couple of years too late? Is Hooker the right exam for him? These are just some of the questions that Michael has the opportunity to answer on his own and with what he does best, fighting by MMA rules