Paddy Pimblett believes Ilia Topruia is scared of Max Holloway

Paddy Pimblett shares his thoughts on Ilia Topruia's inaction with potential Max Holloway fight.

by Aryan Lakhani
Paddy Pimblett believes Ilia Topruia is scared of Max Holloway
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Paddy Pimblett and many others in the MMA community feel that Ilia Topuria is avoiding Max Holloway because of the ‘fear factor’. Topuria’s recent suggestion was to make the fight happen at 155 pounds, which puts him in a safe spot as his featherweight belt wouldn’t be at stake.

Max Holloway vs Ilia Topuria could soon take place, and it will be interesting to see if both the BMF and featherweight belts are at stake in his thrilling matchup.

Paddy Pimblett on Ilia Topuria

In a recent YouTube video, Paddy Pimblett explained why he felt Ilia Topuria was avoiding a fight with Max Holloway.

“I think I’ve got the same as everyone. Everyone’s picking Max, know what I mean?” Pimblett said, as quoted by “‘Hand sanitizer boy’ is scared to take the fight, doesn’t want to take the fight against Max because he knows what will happen.

He fought (Alexander) Volkanovski at the perfect time, coming back off getting knocked out like 10 weeks later. He got lucky there, to be honest”.

Paddy Pimblett on fighting Renato Moicano

“Once I get through Bobby we’ll see what happens with Moicano, everyone wanted to see me vs.

Moicano, so once I beat Bobby let’s see where Moicano’s up to”.

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