Colby Covington Still Leaning on the Charles Oliveira fight at 170

Colby Covington wants to fight Charles Oliveira at welterweight.

by Aryan Lakhani
Colby Covington Still Leaning on the Charles Oliveira fight at 170
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Colby Covington’s offer to fight Charles Oliveira at 170 is still on the table; Covington’s isn’t happy with Charles Oliveira's inaction because Oliveira has mentioned making a jump to welterweight many times but hasn’t backed up his intentions with raw action.

The reason behind Colby Covington’s strong interest to fight Charles Oliveira still seems to be unknown. However, their clash sounds a thrilling matchup and it will be interesting to see if it can happen in the near future.

Colby Covington on Charles Oliveira fighting at 155 pounds

Recently on The Submission Radio, Colby Covington shared his thoughts on facing Charles Oliveira.

“The guy’s just a weight bully cutting to 155 because he wants to be stronger in there because he doesn’t have a mental edge,” Covington said as quoted by “He’s mentally weak, so he needs to have a physical edge.

He needs to be the bigger guy in the fight to feel confident going into a fight”.

Colby Covington on fighting Charles Oliveira

“He’s another one of those guys with baseless words, Said all these things, ‘I want big legacy fights, I want to go up to 170.’ Well, here’s your chance, Charles Oliveira.

I’m the biggest fight you can get. Former world champion, the king of Brazil, the king of Miami, Donald Trump’s favorite fighter. What’s going to be bigger for your legacy, Charles, than fighting me? You want the biggest fight? The ball is in your court, Charles”.

Colby Covington Charles Oliveira