Anthony Smith Appreciates Roman Dolidze for Stepping in Last-Minute

Anthony Smith expresses respect for Roman Dolidze.

by Aryan Lakhani
Anthony Smith Appreciates Roman Dolidze for Stepping in Last-Minute
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Anthony Smith has nothing but respect for Roman Dolidze to accept a fight with him after Carlos Ulberg unexpectedly pulled out of the fight. The light heavyweight clash is just a few hours away. Anthony Smith is locked, ready, and looking forward to putting on a show.

Anthony Smith could have also declined the fight, but he was firm about fighting anyone, anytime, anywhere. The winner will seamlessly propel further in the competitive division.

Anthony Smith on fighting Roman Dolidze

During the recent media day, Anthony Smith shared his thoughts on fighting Roman Dolidze.

“Serious shout out to Roman Dolidze,” Smith said, as quoted by “That takes balls. The dude flew back to the states to step in there, a weight class up, against a ranked opponent. That’s a big deal.

I think he should get a lot of credit for that”.

Anthony Smith on the sudden change

"I’m not really a guy who likes change all that much. So there was that initial, ‘Aww, *,’Like, goddammit, I was pretty comfortable at that point with the Ulberg fight.

It’s hard to not want to fight a guy like Dolidze, and I mean that with the utmost respect. He’s an absolute dog. He brings the fight. You don’t have to convince him to fight. He’s got a great skill set. I think his style meshes well with mine … I think we’re going to have a goddamn barnburner.

He’s not going to take a backward step and neither am I. I like guys like that. I’ve got a lot of respect for guys like that. That part’s exciting and it gives you a little bit of nerves. I like that feeling. That’s why I still do this.

He makes me a little bit nervous and I like it”.

Anthony Smith