Joe Pyfer Reflects on his first UFC defeat: “I’ll be right back where I belong”

Joe Pyfer explains why he's unaffected by the virtual noise and criticism.

by Aryan Lakhani
Joe Pyfer Reflects on his first UFC defeat: “I’ll be right back where I belong”
© Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

The rising UFC middleweight contender Joe Pyfer recently faced a setback against Jack Hermansson; the unanimous decision loss was marked as Joe Pyfer’s first UFC defeat. He received a fair sum of judgment and criticism after facing that loss.

However, he was unaffected by it. Joe Pyfer has an opportunity to make things right this Saturday night against Marc-André Barriault.

Joe Pyfer on criticism received

During the recent UFC 303 media day, Joe Pyfer shared his thoughts on facing his first UFC defeat.

“The only thing that changed was the social media world, but nothing has changed in my heart and nothing has changed in my mind,” Pyfer said, as quoted by “… We live in a woke * world with a bunch of little weak * .

So, I don’t have much respect for a lot of people that have to bite their tongue because it’s the social norm”.

Joe Pyfer on the loss

“Everybody’s acting like I got knocked out, choked out or something, Bro, I lost a decision and I lost by one round, and in that third round, I got hit in the eyeball, couldn’t see the guy for the rest of the fight.

So, it’s just people’s delusion. It’s like I lost by that much. Dude’s got 17 UFC fights, that was my fifth one, and I’m out there performing at that on my fifth fight. I’ll be right back where I belong, trust me”.