Diego Lopes on securing a title shot: “I don’t want to sit and wait”

Diego Lopes won't wait for a direct title shot, he's ready to participate in a few matches if Ilia Topuria fights Max Holloway next.

by Aryan Lakhani
Diego Lopes on securing a title shot: “I don’t want to sit and wait”
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Diego Lopes believes a comprehensive win against Brian Ortega could secure a direct title shot against the featherweight champion Ilia Topuria. He isn’t interested in staying idle and waiting for his opportunity; if Max Holloway vs Ilia Topuria gets officially announced, Diego Lopes would prefer fighting other contenders in the division.

Diego Lopes on waiting for a title fight

During the recent media day, Diego Lopes shared his thoughts on waiting for a title shot.

“If Max (Holloway) vs. Ilia (Topuria) gets booked, I don’t want to sit and wait,” Lopes said as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “I would talk to the UFC and get them to book me against whoever wants to fight.

It’s a very interesting fight, we know that Ilia is young, and he goes forward and has a lot of knockout power. However, Max has shown to have the best chin in the UFC. He’s never been knocked out. He’s never been knocked down – well, I don’t know if the fight against (Justin) Gaethje counted as a knockdown".

Diego Lopezs on Ilia Topuria vs Max Holloway

“I think Max has a lot of experience with every type of fighter. He did have a little difficulty fighting someone shorter like Volkanovski, but we’ve also seen Ilia have issues with much taller fighters, like that fight where he was knocked down. I think this fight is very interesting, but I lean a little bit more on Max’s side”.

Max Holloway