Alexander Volkanovski offered to save UFC 303, but UFC declined

Alexander Volkanovski explains how he offered UFC to save the UFC 303 main event.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alexander Volkanovski offered to save UFC 303, but UFC declined
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Alexander Volkanovski should be called ‘Mr. show saver’ for always being ready to step in; his commitment and willingness reflect greatness. After facing back-to-back knockout losses, Volkanovski realized that he was supposed to take a break, and for him to give up that idea and think of making a return this early further solidifies his impression as a great fighter.

UFC 303 fell apart quite heavily after Conor McGregor was forced to withdraw from the main event because of an injury. Alexander Volkanovski offered to save the event by stepping in at the last minute, but UFC declined the offer because they wanted his resting phase to be uninterrupted.

Alexander Volkanovski on fighting at UFC 303

In a recent YouTube video, Alexander Volkanovski revealed how he offered to save UFC 303.

“I did put my hand up,” Volkanovski said, as quoted by “Obviously seen that some people put that up, so it got out there. Some people think I’m mad, but I am back into training now, and I am excited to get back in there.

That’s all it takes, just a little thing like that, and I put my hand up”.

Alexander Volkanovski on UFC’s response

“But, it wasn’t me, I didn’t get the call back. The UFC were like, ‘Oh no.’ They were sitting saying, ‘You’re a savage, but we’ll let you know if we need you’ type of thing.

They knew I said earlier in the year and they said, ‘Look, let’s just have a bit of a break. So, they were obviously respecting that, so good on them for that. Even though I kept reminding them, everyday I’m like, ‘I’m being serious, let me know.’ But they were sticking to their guns and I guess looking after me. You got to give them respect for that, but I did want to save the day”.

Alexander Volkanovski