Ikram Aliskerov Vows to Shock Robert Whittaker: "Unpleasantly Surprise Him"

Ikram Aliskerov shares his thoughts on fighting Robert Whittaker.

by Aryan Lakhani
Ikram Aliskerov Vows to Shock Robert Whittaker: "Unpleasantly Surprise Him"
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Ikram Aliskerov is a few hours away from tapping into his golden opportunity; some noise made online suggests that people are heavily leaning in favour of Robert Whittaker to win. Aliskerov looks forward to shocking those naysayers and Robert Whittaker this Saturday night.

Others may be taking this fight lightly, but Robert Whittaker's response is different. He isn't underestimating Aliskerov; interestingly, he feels Aliskerov may turn out to be tougher than Khamzat Chimaev.

Ikram Aliskerov on fighting Robert Whittaker

During the recent media day, Ikram Aliskerov explained how he looks forward to surprising Robert Whittaker inside the cage on Saturday night.

"I'm not used to being the prey over there in the octagon," Aliskerov said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. "I'm not used to somebody hunting me, so I'm going to be the one that's going to surprise him, and unpleasantly surprise him about being a hunter, myself.

And I'm going to make sure I do whatever I need to do to finish the fight."

Ikram Aliskerov on cutting weight

"Yeah, it's not a fun process to say the least, I was almost on weight back then. I was drinking water, pretty much made the weight, then I stopped drinking water, and then when I found out about the fight [with Whittaker], I had to stop the process, kind of hold the weight that I was at that point for a couple of days, then come [to Saudi Arabia], start [drinking] water again, and then stop again because this is the same weight we stopped at last week. So it's not a fun process, but this is sport. This is what we do. This is something we have to be ready for."

Robert Whittaker