Bo Nickal Reveals Why He Didn’t Accept Robert Whittaker Fight: “It was too late”

Bo Nickal sheds some light on receiving an offer to fight Robert Whittaker.

by Aryan Lakhani
Bo Nickal Reveals Why He Didn’t Accept Robert Whittaker Fight: “It was too late”
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The rising UFC middleweight contender Bo Nickal was approached to serve as a last-minute replacement for a bout with Robert Whittaker, but two factors held him back from seizing one of the biggest opportunities of his career: a mountain climbing trip and lack of interest in travelling to Saudi Arabia because of the distance.

Bo Nickal was high atop the mountains of Montana, where telecommunication coverage is unstable; he received a call, but because of communication complexities, he couldn’t reply back on time, and by then, UFC had things sorted.

Bo Nickal on receiving a call to fight Robert Whittaker

In a recent YouTube video, Bo Nickal explained why he couldn’t accept a fight with Robert Whittaker.

“I did get a call, yeah,” Nickal said, as quoted by “Unfortunately, I got a call while I was in the mountains of Montana and I didn’t get back to cell service for three days. I came back into cell service to a few text messages saying, ‘Call me back, call me back, call me back!’.

And it was too late”.

Bo Nickal on the money being offered

“I’m not going to disclose numbers, but they were up there, But, it was just too late. I couldn’t even really consider it because they had already kind of figured everything out, the way they were going to do it, because I was gone.

Honestly, I don’t want to go to Saudi Arabia and fight. That’s freaking far as crap”.

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