Dana White tried to persuade Khabib to come back at the promotion

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Dana White tried to persuade Khabib to come back at the promotion

The UFC president took advantage of his stay in Abu Dhabi to film a new episode of his “Lookin’ for a Fight ”show. And while he recorded a special version of the name "Lookin 'Forward for a Fight" last time, trying to portray Fight Island to the fans as much as possible, this time he returned to the old practice.

Of course, first of all, we followed some adventures of Dana, Dino Thomas, and Matt Serra, but the central event was the Abu Dhabi Warriors promotion event. Khabib Nurmagomedov joined the standard trio at the event. And while White’s primary task at the show was to follow the fights and find potential new UFC members within them, he didn’t fail to try to persuade Khabib to return.

At one point we see and hear very well the strategy by which he tried it, even before that famous meeting they later held.

Conversation between Khabib and White

"The fight between Conor and Poirier is getting a better 'trending' for now than your fight against Conor.

Imagine how much revenge Conor and you would do. I'm just saying ..." , said White, while Khabib accompanied everything with a smile, without giving any sign. As a reminder, Khabib's last statement dates back to the day before yesterday and referred to the fact that he has no intention of disappointing his mother and that retirement is his current decision from which he has no intention of deviating.

For those who don't know, the trend is created by figures related to the materials that accompany the event, such as the Countdown announcement and the Embedded series, but also the PPV transmission copies already purchased.

The aforementioned persuasion attempt is inside the video, and the episode is worth watching because of its other content, including the performances of two fighters we might soon see in the UFC. Dana White is obviously still not giving up and it is almost certain that after the UFC 257 event, depending on the outcome, he will have a new message for a fighter who has not yet been stripped of his championship belt or removed from the rankings.

Khabib is firmly holding on to his decision and stance he put forward on October 24 last year, following the win against Justin Gaethje. Most believe that White is just playing with the audience and that he is trying to increase the publicity of the UFC and that there is no chance that Nurmagomedov will return to the ring. Is that right? We'll find out