Azaitar is sacked from UFC for an incredible thing he did

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Azaitar is sacked from UFC for an incredible thing he did

Although it was originally announced that UFC lightweight fighter Ottman Azaitar canceled tomorrow's performance due to problems caused by losing weight, and the theory was very much supported by a recording from his "weight cut" process, the story is actually different.

At first, it sounds unbelievable, but Azaitar and his team decided to violate the UFC’s safety and health protocols on Fight Island. The story surfaced among members of the media, that is, they received information in regular UFC notifications that Azaitar had been removed from the program for the above reason.

BT Sport managed to reach Dane White and find out in detail what happened. White first consulted with his associates, after which he decided to tell the whole story. The story is actually amazing. He and his team cut the bracelets.

Then they gave the bracelet to someone outside of our "bubble", I honestly don't know how they did it." "The man pasted the bracelet, walked into the hotel, went to the room by crossing over four balconies.

After that, he went into his room, left his bag, changed his clothes, and left." "Security tried to stop him and he didn't want to stop. That's it. Azaitar has already left, he is no longer a UFC fighter, "White said, adding how they don’t know who the said person was and how it came about in the first place.

The whole situation was recorded by security cameras.

Removed from the bubble

Some media outlets have learned that Azaitar and his team have already been removed from the UFC’s “bubble” and will soon be traveling back to Germany.

Azaitar came to the UFC as a great potential, and he confirmed the quality with victories in the first two appearances in the Octagon. He currently owns a 13-0 ratio. A member of the promotion is also his older brother Abu, who was also part of the team on Fight Island.

Although White did not state this, it can probably be assumed that he will also have to look for a new employer. Namely, it can be concluded from White's statement that this was the procedure of the entire team. The story is really weird and it’s amazing what people are willing to do to reach a certain goal Can you imagine a stupider and more senseless way to destroy your own future and to bring down your own potential worth great results and success? Hard, isn't it?