Diego Lopes Wants a Title Shot If He’s Successful in Beating Brian Ortega

Diego Lopes explains how he looks forward to getting a title fight next.

by Aryan Lakhani
Diego Lopes Wants a Title Shot If He’s Successful in Beating Brian Ortega
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Diego Lopes has received a golden opportunity; he will be fighting Brian Ortega at UFC 303 on 29th June. Lopes is currently ranked 14th in the competitive featherweight division; a win will skyrocket him to the top and get him closer to securing a title fight.

Diego Lopes expects to get an immediate title shot if he’s successful in beating Brian Ortega. That may sound like an overstretch, but nowadays, in the UFC, anything can happen.

Diego Lopes on his opportunity to fight Brian Ortega

Recently on ESPN Deportees, Diego Lopes shared his thoughts on securing a title fight.

“I know people will complain because I’m the 14th-ranked (featherweight),” Lopes said as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com.“I know the UFC offered the fight to other fighters who are in the rankings and don’t have a fight.

I know they didn’t take it so they called me, and they knew that I was going to take the biggest fight of my career against No. 3 in the world”.

Diego Lopes on securing a title shot

“Ortega has been in the UFC for years.

His losses came against champions, so I see this as a golden opportunity in my hands to take a step forward in the division, I think the chances are really big (to get a title shot with a win). Imagine if I defeat Ortega and see how the rankings change – I’ll be really high in the rankings.

Without a doubt, I’ll be in the conversation to be next in line. More if I win in a solid way like I finished the last ones, I believe there’s no doubt that I will deserve a title shot”.