ESPN revealed the story of Dustin Poirier’s life journey

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ESPN revealed the story of Dustin Poirier’s life journey

All fans who know Dustin Poirier as he is today can hardly guess what “Diamond” was like as a child. He is a family man, very polite and honest. Some may know that he grew up in a healthy family, but with the help of his mother, ESPN came up with some information that was not known to the general public.

So ESPN on its Instagram profile, along with a few photos from Dustin’s youth, revealed the story of growing up one of the UFC’s best fighters. Read what Dustin went through to today's glory. Young Dustin Poirier was fun and curious, and he loved conflicts.

When he was five, he rode his bike through the neighborhood with boxing gloves on the handlebars He avoided school, so at the age of 14 he was given a suspended sentence for running away from school and was sent to a kind of military 'book camp'

After his first year of high school, where he played American football, he dropped out of school to hang out with friends, got into regular fights, and chose a variety of jobs to earn some money. At 18, he was fully committed to martial arts and says he felt something he wasn’t aware he possessed.

He made his UFC debut at the age of 21, and two years later had his first major fight.

His fights

He was ranked fifth in the featherweight category when he lost to Conor McGregor in 2014. He then went into the lightweight division and won the next four fights.

Along with the success, he and his wife Jolie in 2016 got a daughter, Noelle. When he was once again close to the necessary step forward, in 2016 he suffered a knockout defeat in the first round by Michael Johnson. He managed to come back once again, linking six wins to the one over Max Holloway, when he first felt what it was like to own UFC gold.

He lost the title unification fight to Khabib Nurmagomedov but returned in 2020 with a win over Dan Hooker. "On January 23, he will fight Conor McGregor at UFC 257, ”it said in a post on espnmma Instagram profile, along with photos provided by Dustin’s mother.

There is no doubt that his problems had a largely positive effect on what he became. He managed to appease his wild side and become one of the best, most respected and most popular fighters in the world.