Aljamain Sterling Reflects on His loss Against Sean O’Malley: “The harsh reality”

Aljamain Sterling took the time to explain why he lost against Sean O'Malley.

by Aryan Lakhani
Aljamain Sterling Reflects on His loss Against Sean O’Malley: “The harsh reality”
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The former UFC bantamweight Aljamain Sterling kept nagging about taking a break before defending his belt against Sean O’Malley, but the UFC convinced him to show up. To him, it came as a forceful attempt as he was looking forward to taking a break after beating Henry Cejudo with a split-decision win.

Aljamain Sterling was also considering retirement before fighting Calvin Kattar. Aljamain Sterling’s conversation with Hunter Campbell was recently uploaded as a clip from a documentary. Aljamain Sterling does not fully blame his defeat for not getting enough recovery time but confesses that he wasn’t as hungry as Sean O’Malley because he couldn’t recover.

Aljamain Sterling on losing to Sean O’Malley

In a recent YouTube video, Aljamain Sterling explained why he lost against Sean O’Malley.

“From that night, I said, I don’t know what he’s talking about,” Sterling said, as quoted by “‘I have no desire to fight right now.’ And that was the whole thing I was saying.

I have to heal up and see how my body holds up. We can fast forward, yes, I came into the fight compromised, into the training camp compromised. O’Malley got hurt during his training camp, two completely different things, but still the same.

Both guys came into the fight with some lingering injuries".

Aljamain Sterling explains why he lost

“I think the difference was, in my personal opinion, the mindset. I think O’Malley was there to win at all costs.

I was there to win, but I was also just there to be a participant. I hate to say it, but it’s the harsh reality. There’s a complete difference when someone is on, when they’re in the zone, and you can see when someone’s flowing, everything just went perfect.

In a basketball game, in a football game, fighting, wrestling, when someone’s just on. You ever see those guys in wrestling tournaments that end up winning the whole thing as an unseeded person because something just clicked?”.

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