Chiesa immediately after the victory challenged Covington to a fight

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Chiesa immediately after the victory challenged Covington to a fight

"The election is over, your guy is gone. I want you next, boy," is the message Michael Chiesa sent to Colby Covington immediately
after his biggest win. Immediately after the end of the fight with his dominant performance against Neil Magny, Chiesa was named the former interim champion for the second time.

That was actually his entire interview in the Octagon, as he hoped to leave a stronger impression with such a performance. About his desire to try against one of the best welters in the world, Chiesa said something more at the press conference.

Although the roll call in the Octagon had political connotations, he revealed that the desire to fight Covington was actually of a purely sporting nature. "I want to fight him because it's the hardest fight for me.

Stylistically, this guy should beat me very easily any day. On the physical side, on the mental side, there aren't a lot of squares where you would mark me as a favorite in that fight." "But how can I say I want to be a champion if I don't want to fight such fighters? sometimes the best ones are those who are stylistically the toughest opponents."

"So when I look at the Top 5, which I think is the hardest fight for me? We'll see what happens. I may hang out, but I still want to be the best, so I also want to fight the best, and that's the guy," Chiesa explained.

Welterweight category

For him, the fight against Magny was the fourth since he rose to the welterweight category, as well as his fourth victory. It is obvious that he made a very good decision. Before this fight, he was in eighth place in the challenger rankings, while Magny was ninth, so we can't be sure if he will experience a climb on the same, but it is certain that he will have someone better-ranked across the road in the next fight.

Maybe it won't be Covington but one of the three in front of him. These are Demian Maia, Tyron Woodley, and Stephen Thompson. None currently have a contracted fight. "There aren't a lot of fighters looking for Colby Covington.

Other than me, I can only remember Belala Muhammed and Gilbert Burns. Now we'll see what the plans are." "If they contract him against Jorge Masvidal, great for him. It's a big fight. The two of them could do it.

and Ultimate Fighter. I just think you need to openly look for your chance in this sport, "the winner of the 15th season of Ultimate Fighter modestly explained