McGregor nearly cried at today’s press conference

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McGregor nearly cried at today’s press conference

One non-specific press conference for Conor McGregor was held today in Abu Dhabi. In just over 20 minutes answering media questions, McGregor, Dustin Poirier, Michael Chandler, and Dan Hooker presented absolutely no tension, which is especially interesting to point out for the biggest star of this show, whose earlier media appearances were a special spectacle.

Still, one moment stood out in a way, as the journalist who came to ask questions decided to quote one of Conor's 2013 statements. "I went crazy because of this game. Like Van Gogh went crazy because of his art. It happened to me, but fu*k him.

When that golden belt is around my waist, my mother will have a big palace, my girl a car for everyday needs, and the children of my children whatever they want, then I will pay for it." "Then I will be happy to have lost my mind, "read the quoted statement, after which Conor was asked to comment on what in the meantime, from days and statement to date, changed.

Conor's answer

Conor's eyes lit up as he listened to the quote, and then, after a short hesitation, he answered the question. "To summarize, I did it and here I am, crazy as a whip. I've been through a lot and thank you for mentioning this.

It was one wild ride for me, amazing life and to be honest with you, I wouldn't like it to be anything otherwise, ”in a trembling voice and on the verge of tears, obviously touched by everything he had achieved and the goals he had met, McGregor, replied.

After that, a smile appeared on his face and he ended his answer with one promise. "I'm excited to be back, I'm excited to have sports fans in the stands again and to be in the competition again. I feel refreshed.

Speaking of art and Vincent Van Gogh, I'm going to make one really nice artwork this weekend in the Octagon," he announced. Conor’s quoted statement dates back to December 2013, when he had just two UFC appearances behind him.

He made his debut in April of the same year, when he still did not own his own car and was receiving social assists. Today, he is estimated at about $ 120 million, but it also has several very successful businesses that are actually growing more and more every day. Of course, he branded them all with his name and surname.