Arman Tsarukyan Boldly States Makhachev Rematch Will Be 'Very Easy' for Him

Arman Tsarukyan explains his theory about Islam Makhachev's weakness.

by Aryan Lakhani
Arman Tsarukyan Boldly States Makhachev Rematch Will Be 'Very Easy' for Him
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Arman Tsarukyan switched on his analytical side and identified Islam Makhachev's weakness. Tsarukyan thinks it's 'fatigue'; Islam Makhachev was pretty tired against Dustin Poirier; however his tank had more fuel, which is why he rose victoriously.

Islam Makhachev will most probably defend his belt against Arman Tsarukyan next. Their rematch promises to be exciting as both fighters have significantly changed and evolved since their last encounter. Arman Tsarukyan is ready to exploit Islam Makhachev's weakness and can foresee claiming a win.

Arman Tsarukyan on Islam Makhachev rematch

Recently on The MMA Hour, Arman Tsarukyan shared his thoughts on Islam Makhachev's weakness.

"It would be very easy fight for me," Tsarukyan said, as quoted by "I could outwrestle him (in) that fight as well because he got tired. When you're tired, you can't do * Even if you have the best skills in the world, if you're tired, you're done.

All his five-round fights – he got tired with Volkanovski, he got tired with Dustin, and hopefully it's going to be my key to win this fight. I wasn't (surprised), I knew his heart is very good and I told everybody it's like 60-40.

Everybody talk like, 'Oh, Islam going to win him, 100 percent. He's not going to give him any chance,' but I knew it's going to be tough fight. Dustin, he's a dog, so I wasn't like – his defensive wrestling was super good and Islam couldn't choke him. When he got tired in the fifth round, yeah, he got him".

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