Michael Chiesa on fighting Tony Ferguson "It's not like they threw him to the wolves"

Michael Chiesa explains why he isn't concerned about the criticism he's receiving.

by Aryan Lakhani
Michael Chiesa on fighting Tony Ferguson "It's not like they threw him to the wolves"
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Michael Chiesa refuses to believe that he is in a lose-lose situation by accepting a fight with Tony Ferguson. Chiesa has shut the outside noise and adjusted his mind into thinking that he's fighting a legend. Both fighters are on a losing streak, making it a crucial knock.

The fight is happening at welterweight on 3rd August in Abu Dhabi. The whole world is waiting to see if Tony Ferguson can get out of the daunting losing streak.

Michael Chiesa pleased to face Tony Ferguson

Recently on The MMA Hour, Michael Chiesa shared his thoughts on fighting Tony Ferguson.

"There's definitely people that are sending me messages like, 'Take it easy on him – please let him win,'" Chiesa said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. "I'm like, you've got to remember, dude, at the end of the day, this is still Tony Ferguson.

He's not fighting a guy that's in his 20s on a win streak. He's fighting a guy that's 36 and is 0-3 in his last three fights. It's not like they threw him to the wolves. It's a fight that honestly makes sense. This is the fight that's meant to happen, this fight's meant to be.

And people can say what they want about the current state of his career, but I'm training for the guy who was on the 12-fight win streak. I'm not thinking about the shortcomings. I'm in the same boat as him. I'm training for the best Tony Ferguson. I'm training for the guy I was supposed to fight eight years ago."

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