Chael Sonnen Suggests Max Holloway vs Michael Chandler if Conor McGregor Withdraws

Chael Sonnen shares his thoughts on Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler press conference cancellation.

by Aryan Lakhani
Chael Sonnen Suggests Max Holloway vs Michael Chandler if Conor McGregor Withdraws
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Chael Sonnen has no doubt seeing Conor McGregor showing up at the iconic UFC 303 main event for his comeback fight with Michael Chandler. However, the recent press conference cancellation spiked a huge debate in the MMA community as fans and MMA experts grew more skeptical.

Chael Sonnen has faith in Conor McGregor’s commitment to showing to fights thus far; in the unlikely event that McGregor fails to show up, Sonnen would prefer seeing Michael Chandler vs Max Holloway for the BMF belt.

Chael Sonnen on Conor McGregor’s commitment

Recently on the ESPN Show “Good Guy/Bad Guy”, Chael Sonnen spoke about Conor McGregor’s commitment of showing up to scheduled events and expressed his opinion for an alternate fight if McGregor pulls out for the first time.

“A man will live his life by a code, and that code might not be in line with standard societal policies or even laws, but he will adhere to that code at all costs,” Sonnen said, as quoted by “One of Conor’s codes is the show must go on.

When he was broken in half in his last fight, and Joe said, ‘I don’t interview injured guys, we got to get you on a stretcher,’ Conor called him over and pulled him down to the mat. Joe sat down to do that interview, why? Because we’ve yet to fade to black and roll the credits, and the show must go on”.

Chael Sonnen on Michael Chandler vs Max Holloway

“But I will tell you this, there will be no postponement of this fight, They either fight on the 29th or we move on. Oh, and by the way, the show is still going to happen.

I believe Conor is going to be opposite Michael Chandler, I’m very confident in telling you that. However, if he’s not, Michael Chandler vs. Max Holloway for the BMF is the fight to book”.

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