The investigation against McGregor due to the incident from 2019 continues

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The investigation against McGregor due to the incident from 2019 continues

The case for which Conor McGregor will soon have to state his side in court is nothing new, nor is it a recent Irish case. In fact, this is an event from the end of 2018, which has been relevant since then and in the process, only now the prosecutor has taken a more concrete step.

She decided to give up legal prosecution by the state and switched to a private lawsuit. According to the statement of the victim, ie the plaintiff, McGregor attacked and raped her on December 9, 2018, in a Dublin hotel, after she refused him.

Before the rape, according to the woman, McGregor grabbed her, wrapped his arms around her neck, and lifted her into the air three times, thus preventing her from retaliating. She added in a statement that she bit him and hit him, after which he squeezed his neck even harder with the statement: "This is how I felt in the Octagon, I had to tap three times."

Through the court, they will try to get damages in the amount of 1.79 and 2.13 million dollars, buy a new house and cover medical expenses. Two months before this incident, Conor was defeated by Khabib Nurmagomedov.


However, from the start, this looks very good for the most popular fighter in the world.

Irish police conducted a two-year investigation, after which no charges were filed against McGregor. He was detained and detained for questioning in January 2019, after which he was released and no longer gave statements about the case.

At the time, the case was very topical in the media, although nowhere was it confirmed that it was McGregor. Namely, he was listed everywhere as the “Irish sports star”. The report states that the prosecutor is a long-time acquaintance of McGregor's and that the two of them "flirted" via messages on social networks, after which they arranged a meeting.

McGregor's driver took her to a hotel, where she met Conor's friend. Along the way, she consumed cocaine procured from an unknown person. McGregor reportedly invited the woman to his bedroom after she arrived at the hotel.

After the alleged attack, he ordered her to lie down next to him on the bed. When she woke up the next morning, McGregor had already left the hotel in the company of her co-worker. McGregor's friend then gave her a drink, and the next thing she remembers is being in a Taxi.

Police revealed McGregor's friend said he had sex with her, but she said she did not remember. Immediately after arriving home, the victim's mother took her to the hospital, where bruises were found all over her body, along with scars on her neck, face, and left breast.

In January 2019, she reported the attack to the police. We will certainly follow the continuation of this case, unfortunately only one in a series related to the Irish martial superstar