Sean Strickland dislikes the new UFC gloves: “Who designed these gloves?”

Sean Strickland shares his thoughts on the new UFC gloves.

by Aryan Lakhani
Sean Strickland dislikes the new UFC gloves: “Who designed these gloves?”
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Sean Strickland has never been afraid of expressing his opinion – regardless of how sensitive a topic is; he recently dropped a bomb on the new UFC gloves that appear to be golden in colour. Sean Strickland absolutely hates the way they look and doubts its prevention from eye pokes and other injuries.

Sean Strickland will be facing Paulo Costa this saturday night. It will be interesting to see how well he performs with the new pair of gloves.

Sean Strickland on the new UFC gloves

Sean Strickland recently shared his take on the new UFC gloves and its injury-preventing claims.

“They suck,” Strickland said, as quoted by “Can we talk to the person who designed these gloves? Have you ever been in a fight in your * life? It’s like you get these * dorks that have no idea.

Like, this sounds like a good idea and they make it. Same thing with motorcycles. I’ve bought motorcycles and they put so much stupid * on it. How did you * think this was a good idea? So no, they absolutely suck. You dropped the ball on that one”.

Sean Strickland reacts to the gloves offering more protection

“If you get cut because you get hit in the * head, don’t get hit in the * head you don’t get cut, You get poked in the eyes because you * opened opened your hand, so don’t open your hands and you won’t get poked in the eye. That’s people creating problems that aren’t there”.

Sean Strickland